Our products


BioXtract has acquired a particular know-how of 20 years in the development and management of products based on natural active ingredients, and in particular for the curcumin from Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.).


  • Curcumin-based products

Arantal, a remedy for chronic treatment of osteoarthritis and inflammatory diseases,
Rifencin, a natural remedy for the relief of gastro-intestinal disorders like Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Nasaler, a natural remedy for the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, offering symptomatic relief with long term immunomodulating activity,
Cursol, a pre-formulated powdered ingredient for the manufacture of food supplements with anti-inflammatory actions.


  • Other products

Regulid based on the mediterranean diet (garlic + olive oil + omega-3) and acting on the weight stabilization in yo-yo dieting syndrome as well as on blood HDL and triglyceride level management, acting as a natural treatment of the metabolic syndrome,
Cognityl, associating theobromin from cocoa and cafein from tea for concentration and mental energy.

Some products are available in the form of bulk formulated ingredient or in the form of finished dosage forms (i.e. capsules).


Our products are accompanied by a complete and detailed clinical and regulatory package, which makes it possible to obtain a food supplement status in Europe, but also to obtain more complex statuses such as traditional herbal medicine in the Middle East and Asia; or Natural Health Product (NHP) in Canada.


Our products are all supplied with:

    • Complete and regularly updated Common Technical Documents (CTD Files),
    • Bibliographical and clinical datas demonstrating both safety and efficacy,
    • Full background on the targeted treatment area,
    • Recognition by international scientific committees and key opinion leaders,
    • Regulatory and marketing support.